Friday, September 10, 2010

Eid Mubarak Everyone!

Happy Eid! well its 3:34am but its still Eid! And I'm here with my post, some studies and a little video for you guys to watch. I continued with my studies, working on my poses rather than style on Ashley wood so these images may not be nice to look at but there great for getting the pose down for drawings. But first! I want to show you a video on basically the only game I play as a games dev student... Heroes of Newerth!

Its a Great game, its a DBG (Dota based game) Dota being defence of the ancients which was a very successful mod for Warcraft 3, where you control one hero (well some heroes have minions) and the objective is to destroy the enemies sacrificial shrine or world tree while defending your own, its a very tactical game which involves a lot of teamwork and is very social for that! Its best played with friends so they are doing a trial period for anyone interested, people who have an account can give a trial code to 2 of there friends to have 10 free matches! That's around 5-10 hours of game play,sounds bad but it gives you a good taste of the game. Also, the game doesn't have any monthly fees! And its quiet cheap comparing to the games on the high street.

Oh I'll post another image of something from my portfolio with it just to make this post less bare!


That's the study and here is the image from my portfolio.


I know he is tilt way to the left but I drew this when I was in my 2nd year at college, like 1st semester, it was for the year project I was doing with Bradley Austin! We had a finished trailer and a game idea with art and 3d models and everything by the end, if you haven't seen the trailer you can find it on my portfolio in the about section!


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